creativebrief and Tom Holmes interview

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting up with Tom Holmes from creativebrief. We talked about a variant of subjects and settled on Sustainable Cities and how they are marketed. To read the full interview go to the creativebrief website.

Tom also invited me to join their associates page where you can find some of the worlds leading talent in marketing and the creative industries. The full list can be seen on the associates page of the creativebrief website.

The first service of its kind, creativebrief connects buyers and sellers of marketing services. It does this by applying the latest and best digital technology, industry knowledge, research expertise and extensive database to provide a unique search and selection service for clients looking to find the best marketing services for their business.



International: One Young World

Joe was asked to join the advisory board alongside international figureheads such as Prince Haakon Of Norway. In addition, One Young World founder Kate Robson hired Joe to direct their campaign in China with the aim to attract delegates and commercial sponsorship for the summit. This work produced the first data sets of youth leadership in China along with a media campaign reaching 60 million young Chinese nationals. The Chinese delegation was the second largest at the One Young World summit and made the groundwork for the 2011 Chinese participation at the Zurich summit. One Young World was covered by CNN who described it as the ‘Young Davos’. Today, it continues to grow and provide a global platform for the youth of today, nurturing and supporting the future leaders of industry, society and innovation.

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National: Respond!

Head of Arts at the RSA, Michaela Crimmin, and Joseph Oliver joined forces after both having been appointed as London Leaders by the Mayor of London to put the spotlight on nationwide art events on themes of environment and sustainability. This pioneering project kicked off on 1st June 2009 and was the first coordinated arts audit that recognised Britain’s response to climate change. It had two primary intents: firstly, to provide a platform of support to publicise initiatives that were taking place around the country, and secondly, to take an arbitrary snapshot of how many art events in a single month in the UK were responding to the ever-increasing threats to the environment. In total, 150 organisations in 19 cities took part. The project received a huge response and brought forward how serious environmental issues are for people all over the country.


City-wide: Nightline

Nightline London wanted to celebrate their 35th Anniversary and use the event as a platform for raising awareness of the charity’s work with students across the capital. Joe was hired as the sponsorship manager to raise the funds for a series of music events. He also provided the campaign strategy and comprehensive event management for all four events in partnership with music promoter Daniel Garber. The message went out to 300,000 students through direct digital marketing. The events were attended by thousands of students and garnered wide press coverage. Subsequently, Nightline’s profile went up amongst students in the capital and the image of the charity was formed as innovative, cool and modern. The events were certified carbon neutral and were the world’s first ever carbon neutral student music events.